Palmar del Rio fields (PDR) are located in the Ecuadorian Amazon Region, in the Orellana province. It is at latitude 0º19´ South and Longitude 77º04´ West. It is 280 metters above the sea level, with precipitations of about 3392 mm per year and 1440 hours of light in the year. Palmoriente SA, now Palmar del Rio, starts the palm oil production activity in 1979 gradually seeding until 1998 a total of 10 thousand has. With guineensis materials. 
All this area succumbed because of the Bud Rotting Complex illness. 
The imposibility of obtaining BRC tolerant species motivates the Palmar del Rio staff to start research in the Ecuadorian Amazon Region, by exploring the TAISHA región in the Morona Santiago Province, and some especies are obtained. These last ones are seemed in sets for confirming their tolerance in situ.
16 years after, none of these palms has been affected by this illness. 
The Ecuadorian Species has been appreciated for its agronomical characteristics for genetically improving: slow growing, good natural fertility, little spathe presence in racemes, homogenized antesis, and long stem.
Since 1995 research begins for finding some alternatives to this problem, through genetic ressistance through interspecific OxG hybrids and Ecuadorian amazon Region seeding material study and assessment the reached results of OxG – F1 progenies assessment in more than 200 has allows us to conclude that the obtained materials after PDR – Taisha, show very favorable characteristics for establishing commercial hybrids farming due to the slow growing, good productivity and oil quality. All these characteristics makes it very competitive in the oil world market.
Palmar del Rio shows its varieties coming from PDR Taisha progenies developing tolerance to BRC, high productivity of bunches, reduced growing, uniform antesis, little or no spathes occurrence, making easy the polinization works, which are really important in this cultivations and harvest can be mechanized because of the long stem.
As any other OxG hybrid. Its oil has a really high quality. That is why it is really atractive in the oil industry.